The way in which interpersonal communication can be strengthened amongst those dealing with anger is to find the best remedy unique to each individual that would help them cope and be able to express their emotions in a comfortable and healthy manner. Drawing from the research survey that was conducted, some of the responses received in terms of how they deal with their anger was isolating ones self from people and situations in order to think clearly and relieve their frustration, hanging out with friends, engaging in an activity, crying it all out, finding reasons to laugh, praying or even smoking marijuana.

One of the most effective ways in which one can channel anger is by engaging in activities that both distract and relax your mind at the same time. It is common for individuals to turn to music in times of stress and frustration, that helps to soothe the mind and transport them into a different world, away from all the things that cause them to be angry. Others engage in watching movies, gaming, reading etc. For those with severe anger issues, engaging in a sport or even taking a simple walk around the block will help to ease the tension that one feels in one’s mind. Clinical Psychologist Isabel Clarke who specializes in anger management states that daily exercise is a great way to relieve one’s self from irritation and frustration ( This would in turn help individuals to gather their own thoughts and feelings and find ways to heal so that their interaction with others would be more substantial.

Another way in which anger could be channeled is through outward expression. This does not necessarily mean having to talk to others, as some find it hard to trust others with their emotions. Even though it is healthier to speak of one’s feelings and emotions with others in order to avoid keeping those emotions to themselves, people who wish to find alternate ways of dealing with their emotions in a healthy manner have a variety of options. Expressing anger with something as simple as writing journals, getting creative with music and poetry have shown to help individuals overcome frustration and rage. After all, almost all great pieces of art have been influenced by some emotion which have been shared with the world, contributing to positive interpersonal communication in an indirect manner.

Most importantly it is necessary for individuals, when dealing with anger, to understand themselves so that it will be easier for them to find coping mechanisms that are unique to their situation. For those with severe forms of anger issues, therapy and counselling are effective solutions. However, it is also possible for each individual to work on their own behavior by digging deep and finding out what really makes them mad, making themselves aware of the severity of their anger issues and making a conscious effort to change their behavior such as learning to let go of hatred and teaching themselves to remain calm in stressful and intense situations that can trigger their anger. They say “laughter is the best medicine” and it could also be one way in which individuals use to relieve themselves from anger. When an individual is able to be in control of their emotions and behavior, they will find it easier to think further than what is disturbing them and be able to engage and communicate more effectively with others.