About Daniel

Daniel is a music major, transferring to Cal-State L.A in Fall 2019. Daniel hopes to have a career in music composing and performing. Daniel enjoys making people laugh and taking long walks in the park. Daniel uses interpersonal communication on a weekly basis working at a reception desk where he has to consistently communicate with a variety of personalities. Daniel finds that the research he did on emotion and interpersonal communication has helped him understand how to communicate with women and understand the importance of knowing the difference between true love and infatuation in order to make decisions about his future in terms of love.

About Sureni

Sureni is an adventurous and spontaneous individual who is always ready to explore nature, different cultures, different cuisines and different walks of life. Her love for community and positive driven spirit to make a difference in the world inspired her to take up social work and sociology as a major and hopes to pursue her dream of working with poor children and families in society. She uses interpersonal skills in her daily life to form bonds with different people she meets, but mostly at her job in learning to deal with different customers, work stress, work colleagues and make the best out of bad situations with the best use of such skills. She finds anger and interpersonal communication a very interesting and eye-opening topic to have reached on, as she herself feels the emotion anger when it gets coupled with stress and this research has helped her understand the necessity of finding healthy coping mechanisms to deal with such a strong emotion before it leads to damaging interpersonal relationships that she values very much in her life.